Baidyanath Punarnavarishta


Punarnavarishta is a liquid Ayurveda medicine, used in the treatment of inflammatory disorders, liver disorders associated with itching etc.  It contains about 5 – 7 % of self-generated natural alcohol in it. This self-generated alcohol and the water present in the product acts as a media to deliver water and alcohol soluble the active herbal components to the body.

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Size: 450 ml

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Boerhaavia Dissufa, Boerhaavia Verticlita, Cyclea peltata.


Four spoonfuls twice daily. 

Punarnavarishta is an excellent anti-inflammatory and diuretic remedy, which provides relief in heart, kidney and liver disorders. 

About the Brand: Baidyanath

[category-banner]Baidyanath is the acknowledged leader of Ayurvedic know-how. Established in 1917, the company has played a pioneering role in re-establishing ancient knowledge with modern research and manufacturing techniques.