Baidyanath Sariwadyasava


Sarivadyasava is a magical herbal remedy that is mainly used for curing skin diseases.

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Size: 450 ml

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Sariva, giloy, lodhra, bat chaal, pipal, chandan, khas, ajwain, munakka, seena, haritaki, dhataki.


15 to 30 equal quantity of water or as directed by the physician.

1. Due to cooling and soothing properties contained in this herbal remedy, it may be used to cure skin diseases of different nature.
2. It soothes down and relieves itching, irritation, inflammation and burning sensation on the skin.
3. It may be used to treat and prevent the condition called as Scrofula.
4. Pain caused due to rheumatism in the joints of the body may be relieved effectively.
5. Similarly, carbuncles can be got ridden off with the help of this wonderful herbal preparation. Saunph Ark can treat colic. 

About the Brand: Baidyanath

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