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Shadbindu Tail is an Ayurvedic herbal oil used in Nasya treatment.

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Size: 25 ml

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Taila – Sesame oil – Sesamum indicum – 768 ml, Aja Ksheera – Goat milk – 3.072 liters, Bhringaja – Eclipta alba – juice extract – 3.072 liters, Paste prepared from fine powders of 19 g of each of –Eranda – Castor – Ricinus communis, Tagara – Indian valerian (root) – Valeriana wallichi, Shatahva – Indian Dill – Anethum sowa, Jivanti – Leptadenia reticulata, Rasna – Pluchea lanceolata / Vanda roxburghi, Saindhava – Rock salt,  Bhringa – Cinnamon – Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Vidanga – False black pepper – Embelia ribes, Yashti – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza glabra, Vishwaushadha – Ginger – Zingiber officinalis.


2-6 drops of the oil are instilled into each nostril, after the massage and hot treatment to face.

It is useful in case of a headache, dizziness, sneezing, cold, cough, migraine, teeth weakness. It improves vision and immunity. 

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