Baidyanath Yograj Guggulu


Yograj Guggulu is an Ayurvedic guggul preparation used in pain disorders, digestive ailment, breathing troubles.

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Size: 100 Tablets

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Plumbago zeylanica, piper longum, embelia ribes, cuminum cyminum, commiphora mukul, cedrus deodara, piper chaba, elettaria cardamomum, tribulus terrestris, cyperus rotundus, cinamomum tamala.


2 Tablet twice daily with honey. 

It benefits from Flatulence, Intestinal Gas & Abdominal Distension, Abdominal cramps due to gas, Chronic constipation and Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 

About the Brand: Baidyanath

[category-banner]Baidyanath is the acknowledged leader of Ayurvedic know-how. Established in 1917, the company has played a pioneering role in re-establishing ancient knowledge with modern research and manufacturing techniques.