Joylife CRD Ayurveda Tulsi Jeewan Drops (30 ML)


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Useful in Diabetics. Since It Reduces The Blood Glucose Level. Excellent Antioxidant Protects The Heart from Harmful Effects of Free Radicals. Useful in Reducing Cholesterol Levels. Helps in Building Stamina. Useful for Every Type Respiratory Tract infections, Cough, Cold, influenza, asthma. Useful as Anti-Stress. Useful for Uric Acid Patients as It Reduces The Uric Acid Level. Useful for All Types of Cancer & Tumors. Useful in Headache and Migraine. Effective/Protects in All Kinds of Flu and Fever infections. Excellent Healing Power.
Composition : Shukla Tulsi (Ocymum Album) 0.5 Ml, Krishan Tulsi (Ocymum Sanctum) 0.5 Ml, Ram Tulsi (Ocymum Tenuiflorum) 0.5 Ml, Van Tulsi (Ocymum Basilicum) 0.5 Ml.
Take 1 Drop of Tulsi Jeewan in a cup of tea/milk, water, Juice.

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