Goodcare Erand Taila (Caster Oil)

Healing oil that can be used both internally & externally for relief from hair, skin, & digestive disorders.

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Size: 100 ml


Oil extracted from the seeds of Ricinus communis Linn. (Castor Bean, Castor-Oil Plant, Palma Christi, Arund, Arandi, Erand, Ind, Rand)


For adults: 8 to 16ml with warm milk.
For children above the age of 12: 4 ml with warm milk.

1. Can be used topically as a hair oil.
2.Can be ingested for use as a purgative & mild laxative when combined with milk.
3. May be applied topically as a massage oil to moisturize skin & relieve dry skin conditions.
4. Mild anti-inflammatory & antibacterial effects.
5. It is useful in Vata disorders, especially where there is an upward movement of Apana Vayu.
6. It lubricates the joints internally & reduces Vata buildup.

About the Brand: Goodcare

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