Kapiva Artho Sure


Joint & muscle pain relief to restore your full range of movement.

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Size: 1 litre

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RaSna 12%, Punarnava 11%, Ashwagandha 11%, Amaltas 11%, Daru Haridra 11%, Kutki 14%, Guduchi 16%, Nagarmotha 8%, Khurasani Ajwain 5.63%, Sodium benzoate 0.13%, Potassium sorbate 0.13%, Ascorbic acid 0.11%.


Take 30ml of organic Kapiva Artho Sure Juice twice a day after meals. Consume daily. 

Kapiva’s Artho Sure juice relieves joint & muscle pain & offers pain relief from muscular injury, reducing inflammation & swelling caused from blunt-force impact on joints & joint disease. Mild sprains can also be addressed with this herbal tonic, as it is effective in relaxing strained or sore muscles. Can also provide some relief from gout symptoms like redness & tenderness in the joints helps to improve movement. 

About the Brand: Kapiva

[category-banner]Carrying the heritage of Baidyanath and deriving its name from the three doshas of Ayurveda – Kapha-Pitta-Vatta, Kapiva was born with a vision to merge ancient Ayurvedic tradition with modern-day science with a range of 200+ GMP certified products.