Kapiva Vigor Max Juice


Boosts vigor & vitality, helps improve sexual performance, boosts general immune system of the body.

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Size: 1 litre

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Ashwagandha 20%, Kaunch 12%, Viadari 12%, Stevia 11.7%, Satawari 12%, Akarkara 12%, Safed Mushi 20%, Permitted class 11 Preservatives 0.3%.


Take 30ml of organic Kapiva Vigor Max Juice twice daily (morning and night). Consume daily. 

Kapiva’s Vigor Max Juice replenishes your system with renewed stamina and vigor, boosts vitality thereby improving sexual performance, an organic boon that rejuvenates the reproductive system of the human body, increases stamina that helps overcome visible signs of fatigue and boosts the immune system and improves overall muscle strength.

About the Brand: Kapiva

[category-banner]Carrying the heritage of Baidyanath and deriving its name from the three doshas of Ayurveda – Kapha-Pitta-Vatta, Kapiva was born with a vision to merge ancient Ayurvedic tradition with modern-day science with a range of 200+ GMP certified products.