Kapiva Mahamas Oil


A healing oil for muscle recovery and strength*

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Size: 100 ml

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A Healing Oil for Muscle Recovery and Strength
  • Eases pain from injuries* 
  • Supports overall fitness*
  • Optimizes recovery times* 

Mahamas Oil is a massage oil prepared from tila or sesame seeds. The oil is described as strengthening for the body in classical texts of the Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana. The oil supports joint and muscle health, encouraging recovery from illness or injury. It can be massaged gently over the affected areas for best results.

For oral administration, 5 – 10 drops once or two times a day before food with hot water or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.
Externally, used in all types of oil treatments like Massage, Dhara treatment, Shirovasti etc.

Each 10ml Kapiva Mahamash Tel contains Tila Tail : 10ml Majishtha : 0.62g Haridra : 156.36mg Asvagandha : 39.09mg Karcura : 39.09mg Devadaru : 39.09mg Bala : 39.09mg Rasna : 39.09mg Prasarini : 39.09mg Kustha : 39.09mg Parusaka : 39.09mg Bharangi : 39.09mg Vidari : 39.09mg Raktapunarnava : 39.09mg Matulunga : 39.09mg Svarasa : 39.09mg Sveta : 39.09mg Jiraka : 39.09mg Krsna Jiraka : 39.09mg Hingu : 39.09mg Satavari : 39.09mg Goksura : 39.09mg Pippalimula : 39.09mg Chitrakamula : 39.09mg Jivaka (Satavari) : 39.09mg Rsabhaka (Satavari) : 39.09mg Meda (Vidari) : 39.09mg Mahameda : 39.09mg Jivanti : 39.09mg Raddhi (varahi) : 39.09mg Vrddi (Varahi) : 39.09mg Yasti : 39.09mg Sindhava : 39.09mg Lavana : 39.09mg Satapuspa : 39.09mg Dasamula : 20g Masa Kvatha : 20ml Dugdha : 10ml. 

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