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Thermo Ultra Lean Vital: The Science Behind Weight Management: It’s a generally accepted theory that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can change form - and that’s true for the human body, too. Energy enters our bodies through the food we eat; the amount of energy contained in food is measured in calories. As we eat, those calories are either converted for use or stored, often as fat. When metabolic rates rise, energy increases and releases stored fat. This release of fatty acids further generates heat to burn fat cells and convert calories. MuscleXP Thermo Ultra Lean Vital includes ingredients formulated to increase metabolism and energy, promote fat burning, and support weight loss.* It’s 7 Steps work effectively for Weight Management and a Healthy You. Stage 1 & 2 Energy & Fat Metabolism - This comprises of ingredients such as Green Tea extract, Ginger Extract, Cumin Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Black Pepper Extract which helps to improve metabolism. Black pepper to burn calories, cumin to shed pounds and turmeric to keep fat off. Piperine has similar effects to capsaicin in chillies and is what gives black pepper its heat. Ginger may also have the same thermogenic effects as capsaicin because it has warming effects in the body, which all adds up to more fat-burning activity. According to Experts dieters who incorporate cumin into their healthy eating plans lose more weight than those who don't.  Stage 3 & 4 Appetite Suppressant & Weight Management comprises of Green Coffee Bean Extract and Garcinia Cambogia Extract which are known for their appetite suppressant and weight managing qualities. HCA promotes weight loss affecting hunger and appetite. Green coffee bean extract has been shown to improve fatty acid metabolism; promote fat burning, and increase overall metabolism.* Stage 5 Mood Balancing comprises of Ashwagandha Extract and Turmeric Extract. Ashwagandha Helps You Lose Weight by Lowering Cortisol Levels. Turmeric is an important ingredient which is known to help stop regrowth of fat. Stage 6 - Diet and Lifestyle - Without your Good Diet and Lifestyle, nothing can work. It is important to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to make any supplement work for you and that should be maintained for atleast 3-4 months to witness results. Stage 7 - Exercise - Walk for 30 minutes every day or prefer Gym or any Physical Sports to fasten the results. When it comes to losing weight, proper diet and exercise are paramount to success.
7 Steps Thermo Power Blend Weight Management Program. The Most Advanced Weight Managament Supplement with 9 important ingredients, each with effective dosage.
Stage 1 & 2 Energy & Fat Metabolism. Stage 3 & 4 Appetite Suppressant & Weight Management. Stage 5 Mood Balancing. Stage 6 - Diet and Lifestyle. Stage 7 - Exercise

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