Kapiva Neem Glow Capsules


A natural formula to cleanse your blood and skin*

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Size: 60 Caps

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A Natural Formula to Support Healthy Blood and Skin
  • Supports skin health*
  • Detoxifying influence on blood*
  • Balances gut health* 

Neem leaves feature prominently in the Ayurvedic tradition and have been used in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions and digestive ailments. Neem Glow Capsules contain neem leaf and extracts from other herbs like giloy and amlaki, making it a powerful solution that supports cleansing of skin and blood. Neem leaves may also possess antiparasitic properties, which is why ancient Indians used the ingredient to cope with intestinal worm infections.

Take 2 capsules every morning.

Each Capsule contains : Neem patta (Azadirachta indica) 240.4 mg, Neem patta extract (Azadirachta indica)129.8 mg, Giloy extract (Tinospora cordifolia) 64.9 mg, Amlaki extract (Emblica officinalis) 21.63 mg, Haritaki extract (Terminalia chebula) 21.63 mg,Bahera extarct (Terminalia belerica) 21.63 mg. 

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