Goodcare Spotless Anti Pigmentation Face Pack


Think of your beauty from inside!!!
GOODCARE Spotless Anti Pigmentation Face Pack is perfect for erasing your pigmentation mark. Formulated with natural of Moroccan Lava Clay & Vitamin C, it evens out your skin tone by reducing hyper pigmentation.
The efficacious Green tea Extracts works as an antioxidant will give you the whole new meaning of getting inner beauty.
This face pack can help prevent sun induced skin blotches with continued usage overtime.
So suit up for self-love and treat your skin with gentle Vitamin E to reduce your skin pigmentation. Suits Dry, Oily and Combination skin types and can be used twice a week.

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Green Tea – The best organic skincare ingredient is Green Tea. It is antioxidant by nature, have also been shown to function as anti-inflammatory.
Moroccan Lava Clay – A high-quality soothing clay for external use that has a silk-like feel and can help even out skin tone and reduce blemishes.
Vitamin E – Vitamin E oil is an ingredient in many skincare products. Vitamin E’s main role in creams and lotions is as an antioxidant, it could help soften skin as well.
Vitamin C – Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production and maintenance, but it is also a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals in the skin.

Apply an even layer of GOODCARE Spotless Anti Pigmentation Face Pack on your cleansed face & neck avoiding eye & lip area. Leave it on until dry. Rinse off by massaging in a circular motion. Use once or twice a week followed by GOODCARE Spotless Anti Pigmentation Face Serum.

• It is developed for lightening dull and dark skin.
• It prevents darkening, un-even skin tone and re-energizes the skin.
• Leaves your skin glowing and naturally radiant
• Reduces pigmentation and sun induced dark spots.
• A perfect leave in treatment for youthful natural radiant skin.
• 10 mins face pack

About the Brand: Goodcare

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